Thursday, February 05, 2009

What A Pinky Night

I went Jurong Point with Boon Ming and Wy Leong
for dinner after our IA yesterday.
We had our dinner at Java Village,an Indonesian restaurant.

The food is normal, which we described
all the gravies are just too "special".
The drink is normal too...except for Wy Leong's !!

"Soda Gembira" (Happy Soda)

Sounds like some ecstasy or drugs to you ??
Actually it's just bandung with soda -.-

We ordered a set for 4 person with 5 dishes, total of $67.
and had a $5 voucher for spending above $50,
but I think neither of us will dine in there anymore.

Then, on our way to the interchange...

"Mak Cik Gembira"?(Happy Aunty)?

Unfortunately, I couldn't take the front side of this woman,
she is definitely not those lala-mui (ah lian), but...AUNTY !
No offence, just wondering is this fashion or failure ?!

Boon Ming & Wy Leong even walked near the fruits stall,
pretending to buy while I was standing behind them to take a picture of this...
Perfect coordination huh !

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