Tuesday, February 24, 2009

vivalive's 22nd Birthday Celebration @ Ajisen Ramen Jurong Point

It's not a happy day for me initially.
I woke up early in the morning to play for this year's
NTU Malaysian Sports Day!
That's the match that I've been waiting for since 26th Aug 2007.
I hope to defeat him which I failed to do it when we had our 1st encounter.
Sadly, I failed & didn't even put up a good fight...

Thank YOU for cheering me up & all the surprise !
At night, you brought me to Ajisen Ramen at Jurong Point
while all of them were already there...waiting for me...

Although it's not as spacious as other restaurants,
but I enjoyed my celebration there...

We makan...

We took photos...

and..We YUM SENG !

It's worth to recommend not only because of the food.
Honestly, I like the food...just that I don't like to
introduce much about food in my blog.

I talked to Thomas, the waiter who served us before we left and 
found out that he is from Seremban.
I told him that all of us are Malaysians &
we are here to celebrate my birthday.
Then, he said :“等阵...(Hold On)”, went to the counter and
immediately gave me a 10% discount !!
I was shocked and no doubt, this is a good way to promote the restaurant !
Perhaps all of you can celebrate your birthday there next time !

Next, photo-taking sessions outside the restaurant...

The Hall 8 Residents

The Family

Tigers & The Family

The Girls

And Some Funny Pics...

Christine:“Don't think twice, choose me!” 
vivalive:“Baby, it's you!”

But..there's a GAP between us ! -.-

Lastly, Thanks everyone for the wishes and celebration !

My Birthday Cake ! 

I really feel like I AM THE BOSS !


  1. happy belated birthday to you....!!

  2. hello taiko!!! happy birthday yo!!! =)

  3. opps...din say to me tat ur birt is ytrd..
    happy birthday ya..^^

  4. hahaha vway hau looked soooo tiny between u two.

    Happy Belated Birthday man, i am so sorry i couldnt make it because i had to go for a meeting. =(
    would have enjoyed the company!

    22 already. behave like one. =p



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