Thursday, February 26, 2009

Efficiency Of RHB Bank Malaysia

This was delivered to my sister few days ago from
RHB Bank Malaysia.
My dad opened it because
my sister is not in Malaysia and it seems urgent !


You may have overlooked the payment
due to your busy schedule

That was a warning of cancellation of her credit card account
because of an overdue amount of RM0.05 !!
Never know that a BANK will be
so calculative over such a small amount !
I don't even bother to pick it up if I see it on the ground!
"Credit" goes to RHB Bank Malaysia for being so efficient in their service !

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

vivalive's 22nd Birthday Celebration @ Ajisen Ramen Jurong Point

It's not a happy day for me initially.
I woke up early in the morning to play for this year's
NTU Malaysian Sports Day!
That's the match that I've been waiting for since 26th Aug 2007.
I hope to defeat him which I failed to do it when we had our 1st encounter.
Sadly, I failed & didn't even put up a good fight...

Thank YOU for cheering me up & all the surprise !
At night, you brought me to Ajisen Ramen at Jurong Point
while all of them were already there...waiting for me...

Although it's not as spacious as other restaurants,
but I enjoyed my celebration there...

We makan...

We took photos...

and..We YUM SENG !

It's worth to recommend not only because of the food.
Honestly, I like the food...just that I don't like to
introduce much about food in my blog.

I talked to Thomas, the waiter who served us before we left and 
found out that he is from Seremban.
I told him that all of us are Malaysians &
we are here to celebrate my birthday.
Then, he said :“等阵...(Hold On)”, went to the counter and
immediately gave me a 10% discount !!
I was shocked and no doubt, this is a good way to promote the restaurant !
Perhaps all of you can celebrate your birthday there next time !

Next, photo-taking sessions outside the restaurant...

The Hall 8 Residents

The Family

Tigers & The Family

The Girls

And Some Funny Pics...

Christine:“Don't think twice, choose me!” 
vivalive:“Baby, it's you!”

But..there's a GAP between us ! -.-

Lastly, Thanks everyone for the wishes and celebration !

My Birthday Cake ! 

I really feel like I AM THE BOSS !

Monday, February 23, 2009

Candies Advertisement by Christine (feat. Wy Leong)

I was shopping with Wy Leong, Christine and Boon Ming
in Nanyang Mart after our dinner at Canteen 2.
Once again, we discovered some funny things !
(The 1st item I discovered last time was the 1000Plus socks)

1.Flash pop mini
There will be light coming out from the candy once you press the button...

Once you press the button, 
the ice cream will twist so that you don't need to lick it

3.Quick Blast
It's a candy spray and the candy will directly spray into
your mouth instead of pouring it onto your hand.

So let us promote these candies to you...

Erm...are you thinking what I am thinking ?

Sunday, February 22, 2009




Friday, February 20, 2009

Translation Fail ?

It's friday again !! This week, we went Geylang
to have bull frog porridge & beef noodle for our dinner.
Too bad BoonMing decided not to join us after his dilemma...

Nothing much to post about the foods
as they are well-known enough for everyone.
Nothing much to post about the Lorong 8, 11 ,12 as well because
"if you never try, you'll never know" don't know..lolz!

When we walked along the street, Wy Leong discovered this...

For those who don't know Mandarin, 
here are some simple translations.
老 = Old , 母鸡 = Hen . So supposingly 老母鸡 = Old Hen

Whereas for me,
who speaks Cantonese more than Mandarin nowadays,
intepreted it as 老母(Mother)+鸡(Chicken),
which means Mother's Chicken.
(P.S : When we say 老母, we never mean that the mother is old)

And end up the name of this shop is the combination of these two 
- Old Mother Hen ... failed?

Finally, we stopped at Rochor Restaurant
for beancurd and soya bean, and this is the shop beside...

Sorry because my SE P990i's camera is poor
in photo-taking, especially at night...
and I dare not to walk too near to take this photo.
But if you can see, the name of this shop is 绿色乞丐.
So this is a 100% failed translation.

Not funny enough? visit for more
funny pics from all over the world !

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Industrial Attachment

My supervisor was on leave for 1week,
and I am stuck with my IA report.
Perhaps it's time to post something about my IA,
and push down Boon Ming's photo by a bit.

My Table with Desktop & Printer

The Safety Equipments & Tools

Catalogue from Supplier, nice huh?

Reading Materials From Dad

Calender from NTU DO,
counting down towards the end of my IA

and some random photos taken on site.

The Giant Concrete Pump Mix Truck 
They called it Elephant cause of the long "trunk"


View from 2nd storey

On my way back to hall

Will try to take more photos because 
I really don't know what to write in my report !!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine

This year I am celebrating valentine's day alone again... it's not happy at all..
Anyway, thanks for those who wished me "Happy" Valentine's Day.

But I did received some "official" gifts !What do I mean by that ?
1 week before Valentine, I helped Christine to 
edit the banner for her event of the year - NTU HeartFest
It's not designed by me anyway, just helping her to photoshop
some parts and it was hung by SaiMun & Me on the bridge near Canteen A.

Special Thanks to Ah Liang for helping too !

Goodies bags were given out and Christine kept one for me,
though I am not around campus nowadays.

Goodies Bag from SingTel & Famous Amos Cookies
Exercise Your Right To Free Coookies ?

On 14th Feb, I woke up at 12pm to prepare for
my International Games (IG2009) 
semi-finals match against Indonesia @ 1.30pm.
I lost my match against the Singapore U-18 Champion -.-
but our team fight till the end and we won 3-2 !!

Then, I had my dinner+ supper at City Harvest
and chat until 2.30am.
Had to force myself to sleep because the Final against China is at 
930am tomorrow later !!

During the Final, we were down by 0-1 from after losing our 1st single.
But in the end we won 3-1 and I grabbed a point for Malaysia Team in 2nd single !
Thanks Daniel for his advice & 
Special Thanks to those who cheered for me!

Malaysia BOLEH !!

Our Team
Jing Xi,vivalive,Qi Yong
Eric Teo,Daniel

And this is the 2nd gift for myself this Valentine!

Is there any spelling/grammar mistake?

And this is how it looks like now...

All the medals that I got in NTU

My CJ7 soft toy - 七仔! 

So, this is how I celebrated our victory !!

R.I.P - Sacrificed myself for badminton !

Resurrected & Finally got my D-Cup !

Valentine Surprise Nightmare for Kai Lin in Hall 9 !

Perhaps the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to
Spread the Love Around !

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone !

Friday, February 13, 2009

How Boon Ming looked like in 2006 ?

Thanks Boon Ming for giving a surprise few days ago.
He posted a photo of Cindy and I when we were Year 1,
which I couldn't recall when was it taken !

He told me that he found this pic when
he was trying to delete some files,
browsing through all the old pics.
In return, I tried to search for his pic as well...and I found this...

BooooooN!!!Happy 20th Birthday Boon Ming ! Surprise !

Well, I guess we both still look the same...
except that I look older because
my skin condition is getting worse day by day !
Looking forward to June when I finished my IA and I don't need to wake up at 6.30 in the morning everyday !!

Monday, February 09, 2009

My Chinese New Year 2009

Finally Chinese New Year is over!
This year I spent a whole week in Malaysia
despite having IA (Thanks to my supervisor!)

Experienced a few "first-time" this CNY...

1. Received my 1st AngPau from my friend

Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Pang

Baby Cheryl

2. Received my first AngPau in Singapore

Thanks to my IA company though I didn't turn up for the company dinner !
It's a BIG ANGPAU !!

3. Went for a movie with my family for the first time in 10 years


4. Mixing around with the children to make me feels younger

My Cousin's Children

Trying to ask Baby Cheryl to take a photo with me

5. Being nominated in Kao Lui Pro in MSA 08/09 Awards
Luckily I didn't win in the end, do I look like a pro ? o0o-.-

They said we look like couple anyway >.<
Sorry Ting...Spoilt your market!!

*6. Trying to act like a father in a family photo.
(posted this as requested by my "wife", Sheanne)

It's quite a happy CNY for me as I could gather with my family and friends.

The Family

Best Friends Forever

The Hall 8 Tigers & The MSA Buddies

The Chong Hwa Friends
Me, Steven, JunMun, Sheanne

Lastly, warm wishes to everyone
who is having internship/working outside !

From Year 3 IA MSA Seniors !
Written by vivalive


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