Friday, February 20, 2009

Translation Fail ?

It's friday again !! This week, we went Geylang
to have bull frog porridge & beef noodle for our dinner.
Too bad BoonMing decided not to join us after his dilemma...

Nothing much to post about the foods
as they are well-known enough for everyone.
Nothing much to post about the Lorong 8, 11 ,12 as well because
"if you never try, you'll never know" don't know..lolz!

When we walked along the street, Wy Leong discovered this...

For those who don't know Mandarin, 
here are some simple translations.
老 = Old , 母鸡 = Hen . So supposingly 老母鸡 = Old Hen

Whereas for me,
who speaks Cantonese more than Mandarin nowadays,
intepreted it as 老母(Mother)+鸡(Chicken),
which means Mother's Chicken.
(P.S : When we say 老母, we never mean that the mother is old)

And end up the name of this shop is the combination of these two 
- Old Mother Hen ... failed?

Finally, we stopped at Rochor Restaurant
for beancurd and soya bean, and this is the shop beside...

Sorry because my SE P990i's camera is poor
in photo-taking, especially at night...
and I dare not to walk too near to take this photo.
But if you can see, the name of this shop is 绿色乞丐.
So this is a 100% failed translation.

Not funny enough? visit for more
funny pics from all over the world !

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