Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine

This year I am celebrating valentine's day alone again... it's not happy at all..
Anyway, thanks for those who wished me "Happy" Valentine's Day.

But I did received some "official" gifts !What do I mean by that ?
1 week before Valentine, I helped Christine to 
edit the banner for her event of the year - NTU HeartFest
It's not designed by me anyway, just helping her to photoshop
some parts and it was hung by SaiMun & Me on the bridge near Canteen A.

Special Thanks to Ah Liang for helping too !

Goodies bags were given out and Christine kept one for me,
though I am not around campus nowadays.

Goodies Bag from SingTel & Famous Amos Cookies
Exercise Your Right To Free Coookies ?

On 14th Feb, I woke up at 12pm to prepare for
my International Games (IG2009) 
semi-finals match against Indonesia @ 1.30pm.
I lost my match against the Singapore U-18 Champion -.-
but our team fight till the end and we won 3-2 !!

Then, I had my dinner+ supper at City Harvest
and chat until 2.30am.
Had to force myself to sleep because the Final against China is at 
930am tomorrow later !!

During the Final, we were down by 0-1 from after losing our 1st single.
But in the end we won 3-1 and I grabbed a point for Malaysia Team in 2nd single !
Thanks Daniel for his advice & 
Special Thanks to those who cheered for me!

Malaysia BOLEH !!

Our Team
Jing Xi,vivalive,Qi Yong
Eric Teo,Daniel

And this is the 2nd gift for myself this Valentine!

Is there any spelling/grammar mistake?

And this is how it looks like now...

All the medals that I got in NTU

My CJ7 soft toy - 七仔! 

So, this is how I celebrated our victory !!

R.I.P - Sacrificed myself for badminton !

Resurrected & Finally got my D-Cup !

Valentine Surprise Nightmare for Kai Lin in Hall 9 !

Perhaps the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to
Spread the Love Around !

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone !

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