Monday, February 09, 2009

My Chinese New Year 2009

Finally Chinese New Year is over!
This year I spent a whole week in Malaysia
despite having IA (Thanks to my supervisor!)

Experienced a few "first-time" this CNY...

1. Received my 1st AngPau from my friend

Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Pang

Baby Cheryl

2. Received my first AngPau in Singapore

Thanks to my IA company though I didn't turn up for the company dinner !
It's a BIG ANGPAU !!

3. Went for a movie with my family for the first time in 10 years


4. Mixing around with the children to make me feels younger

My Cousin's Children

Trying to ask Baby Cheryl to take a photo with me

5. Being nominated in Kao Lui Pro in MSA 08/09 Awards
Luckily I didn't win in the end, do I look like a pro ? o0o-.-

They said we look like couple anyway >.<
Sorry Ting...Spoilt your market!!

*6. Trying to act like a father in a family photo.
(posted this as requested by my "wife", Sheanne)

It's quite a happy CNY for me as I could gather with my family and friends.

The Family

Best Friends Forever

The Hall 8 Tigers & The MSA Buddies

The Chong Hwa Friends
Me, Steven, JunMun, Sheanne

Lastly, warm wishes to everyone
who is having internship/working outside !

From Year 3 IA MSA Seniors !
Written by vivalive


  1. T.T 怎么你忘了我们共同成立的家庭

  2. 哈哈,怨妇……

  3. Wah, why in recession still can get S$100 ang pau? Last year IA i only got 4 mandarin oranges & ate bak gua only...sure d boss "sek" you a lot...



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