Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Industrial Attachment

My supervisor was on leave for 1week,
and I am stuck with my IA report.
Perhaps it's time to post something about my IA,
and push down Boon Ming's photo by a bit.

My Table with Desktop & Printer

The Safety Equipments & Tools

Catalogue from Supplier, nice huh?

Reading Materials From Dad

Calender from NTU DO,
counting down towards the end of my IA

and some random photos taken on site.

The Giant Concrete Pump Mix Truck 
They called it Elephant cause of the long "trunk"


View from 2nd storey

On my way back to hall

Will try to take more photos because 
I really don't know what to write in my report !!


  1. cool photos especially the last one. is that moon or sun (behind the tree)?

  2. I accidentally took it while the lorry was moving.It's the moon i think..

  3. IA report, hemm not to worry la, just write down what hands-on you have done in office / field work, what course / lesson you have attended, what you have studied, etc.
    Now week 7, 3 more weeks before your IA tutor comes...ka yau a!

  4. lol

    me too ...

    anyway your working place is not bad oh ... haha ...



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