Saturday, November 26, 2011


 某个晚上, 我正搭着尾班巴士回家。
乘客知难而退,眼见无法挤进车里 ,挥挥手向司机说声:“没关系!”



Sunday, May 01, 2011

Labour Day

Almost abandon my blog already,don't feel like updating it since most of the things happened are bad things. Kinda sick of everything surrounding me - friends, accommodation, works, health & future....

How long can I last ?
Road will never be smooth and direction still remain unclear.

Suddenly I miss home and miss my favourite corner in Genting where I will go everytime I am unhappy or I want to calm down my mind.

Today is not going to be a happy labour day to me, Good Night.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

My 24th Birthday

Received this birthday gift from my fellow colleagues as we are crazy about the "Words with Friends" game recently and had a great dinner with them at The Old Brown Shoe.

Took half day leave on the day and celebrated with her at Jurong ! Had buffet dinner at Kuishin Bo after movie "Just Go With It".

Passed by Jurong Lake before going home and it's the best opportunity to try out our new camera.

Nice shot huh?
Went home and celebrated with the house mates before the end of my birthday this year.

My Birthday Cake - Yoshi !!
 Had another Japanese dinner with the other uni mates at Sushi Tei on the weekend. It's good to see all of us gather together again.

Thanks everyone, really enjoy the moment that we spent together...
and now..vivalive turns 24th !!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's all about work

- Company 39th Annual Dinner & Dance on the 22nd of Jan, good chance for all of us from different sites to gather before Chinese New Year.

- Won 57th prize for the lucky draw session - $250 worth of Takashimaya voucher. Perfect timing for shopping before I go home for my 2 weeks long Chinese New Year leave.

- Results = $99 Nike shoes + 2 for $50 Kappa Polo-Tees + $89 Renoma bag +$10 remaning

- Buffet for all the site staffs and sub-cons before the dismantling of the site office.

A fun and fruitful January with all the surprises and rewards. =)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

My 2010

 In 2010...

1) Spend most of the time doing FYP and looking for job. Finished my last semester with attendance less than 30% again. Had 3 job offers in the end and finally I chose my current company - Ho Lee Construction Pte Ltd.

2)Produced the last video for Chinese New Year celebration - this time we tried to produce MTV !

3)Shifted out from NTU Hall 8, a place where I spent 4 years staying there during my university life. Stay together with the same gang of friends.

4) Being interviewed for the first time and was featured in the 1st igave newsletter. Helped out in the phone room before I started my job and finally we achieved 71% participation rate from the graduating students.

5)Graduated with 3rd class honors. Nothing to be proud of but I guess my parents have been waiting for this moment to come for a long time...

6)Organized my grad trip back in Malaysia. Had a one-day trip to Kuala Selangor for seafood and fireflies.

7)Kicked off my career as a project engineer. Get to know a lot of nice colleagues from different countries.

8)Our 1st anniversary - 101010. A nice and meaningful date for us. =)

9)Experienced the feeling of handing over HDB flats. It's quite tiring spending most of the time on site and didn't have enough sleep over the night.

10)Attended Thomson & Jocelyn's Wedding dinner 18/12/10. My manager when I was still a caller, always a listener of mine and my dinner buddy before calling session starts. Congratulations to them. =)

11)Decided to getaway from Singapore and have a short trip with her. Went to Sepang Golden Palm Tree
Resort and spent our New Year Eve over there.

It's definitely not easy to be an adult with so much of responsibilities. Need more rest as my body is getting weaker. 
New year resolution ?? As usual...stay happy and healthy always. =)
Welcome 2011 ...

Wish everyone that I know a Happy 2011 !!


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