Sunday, March 06, 2011

My 24th Birthday

Received this birthday gift from my fellow colleagues as we are crazy about the "Words with Friends" game recently and had a great dinner with them at The Old Brown Shoe.

Took half day leave on the day and celebrated with her at Jurong ! Had buffet dinner at Kuishin Bo after movie "Just Go With It".

Passed by Jurong Lake before going home and it's the best opportunity to try out our new camera.

Nice shot huh?
Went home and celebrated with the house mates before the end of my birthday this year.

My Birthday Cake - Yoshi !!
 Had another Japanese dinner with the other uni mates at Sushi Tei on the weekend. It's good to see all of us gather together again.

Thanks everyone, really enjoy the moment that we spent together...
and now..vivalive turns 24th !!

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