Sunday, December 19, 2010

My phone

An iPhone that does't look like iPhone.

Installed a lot of tweaks to fully utilized it because original interface and apps simply doesn't suit me !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Desk

I like my desk.

It reminds me of what I experienced in the past, what I have now and what I should do in the future, for myself, my parents and for her.

Location:Corporation Walk,,Singapore

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All the efforts has finally paid off

After working overtime continuously for so long, sacrificed my time to work on Sunday,
our efforts finally paid off !!

Handed over the 1st block of our project !!

4 more blocks to go...8 more BIT inspection to go...
It's gonna be tough and tiring, but that's the road I chose and I won't able to continue without all of their supports.

My beloved colleagues - Ah Chye & Ah Keong

And the special one, sorry for not being able to accompany you during the past few weekends. =(

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There's always rainbow after the rain

Have been working until late night and rushing for all the inspections recently. Don't feel like leaving the team when doctor gave me 2 days of MC.

Despite being shouted by the officers, there's nothing else I can do but to treat it as a hard way to learn. Trying hard to remember what I've gone through and what are the things to take note, perhaps experience and proper planning will lead to smoother flow in the future.

Always remind myself this...

"Engineers are supposed to be groomed for project managers and his scope of responsibilities includes all issues on site."

That's what my dad always tell me too. =)

There's always rainbow after the rain
Thank you for being supportive and patient to me, Pei Tsan.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


While everyone is talking about 10th Oct this year, 101010 is really a special day for me us.

Necklace for her from SK... again !

Went to Vivocity in the afternoon after attending Hamidah's wedding. Specially customized a rabbit doll from Build A Bear to celebrate this special day. I named it vivalive

In return, she bought me a big Yoshi which I always think of. Instead of walking around in the shopping center, this time round we had photo shoot session with these 2 new members to the family...

Lastly, not to forget to have a small piece of cake at Fruit Paradise.

May this rabbit listen to you, care you and accompany you whenever I am not around you...

Happy 1st Anniversary !! =)

Sunday, October 03, 2010


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Her Birthday

 Before the actual day, whenever we listened to Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning", she will remind me that her birthday is coming. Hopefully she enjoyed her first birthday with me, everything that I planned for her...

The birthday present which I bought 3 months ago. Perfect gift for her when she told me that she was going to get herself a new watch few days before her birthday.

Not-so-expensive pearl bracelets from SK Jewellery.

The Birthday Meal - Itacho Sushi @ Ion Orchard that is highly recommended by Jocelyn.

Dunno what name de Set ...

Delicious Salmon roll & Salmon Roe roll.

Lastly, bought an ice cream named "Happy Birthday" from Cold Rock instead of ordinary birthday cake to her.

Happy Birthday to you ! =)

Somebody call 911 ~~

Friday, September 03, 2010

Simple Idea from Apple

A very simple idea from Apple see it improves it's iPod Nano 5th generation by breaking it down to the latest iPod Nano 6th generation and iPod Shuffle 6th generation.

And that's what we call Innovative.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's the meaning of Merdeka to you?

 For the past 2 years, I have participated in directing 2 sketch performance for our MSA annual event - Merdeka Night. Really enjoying gathering with more than 30 friends, filming all those short clips, rehearsing for the performance and together we showed our cares and loves towards the country.

So fast 1 year has passed and now I am considered alumni for MSA already. After the last production for CNY this year, all of us have been very busy with our careers and accommodation matters. There is no time and opportunity for us to produce another production anymore. Let's just keep this as memories and I also hope that for those who were involved in these 2 years will remember it forever. =)

For the Merdeka this year, it's just another working day for me. Racism continues, lies and those funny jokes which will only happen in our country spread all over the world. I am still waiting for miracle, though most of the people already accepted that the chances are diminishing. Hopefully by the time I go back, everything will be fine, just like how it used to be 53 years ago.

Happy Birthday Malaysia.

Not to forget, our 相识纪念日 on the 29th Aug 2009. =)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello, it's not a scam !

It's my honor to be featured in the Alumni Giving after working in the phone room for 2 years.
This is the first time (probably the only time) I was featured in newsletter, this year together we achieved more than 70% of the participation rate, which is almost doubled the result of last year.

Friends told me that they saw me on the newsletter, some even introduced to their parents that I am their friend. Callers in the phone room paste the article on the notice board in phone room and start calling me the unsung hero.

Thanks for everyone in the phone room, the supervisors, the callers, the manager and the special "pretty young boss". Really miss those time that we spent together in phone room, calling up the alumnus and final year students, trying to get more pledges to help more students ...

"You must believe in the cause to be able to convince others to support it"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Officially A Graduate

The last day for me being a student...
The first time I feel that I am a more important person, because parents came all the way to Singapore, sister took afternoon flight on that day and she took a day off from her part time to attend my convocation.

During my 4 years of studies, I was absent most of the time. So actually I don't have much feeling on this day. I know less than half of the people in my course and I believe less than quarter of them actually know about me. End up the whole day I sticked with my parents, took photos with them and whoever that I met.

Took pic before putting my gown
Like father Like son
Choon Cheah working as usher
Purposely gave Jocelyn a call once I reach there because I requested her to pin up the "igave" pin for me.

Pretty boss
Sis arrived just on time before I went into the convocation hall.

Boon Ming had his convocation 1 session earlier than me
The whole convocation last for 2 hours and finally I got my transcript !!

Graduated !!
Also received a special gift from her..with my name on it !!
Let's welcome BuBu ~~
And now I am officially a graduate !!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Homeland 国家

In conjunction with the National Day of Singapore, all the shops are trying to boost their sales by having all kinds of promotions. On this day that is worth celebrating for all the Singaporeans, I saw this at the entrance of a Chinese cuisine restaurant. The word 国家, which means "homeland" is written on the advertisement board.

When there is harmony in the home there is peace in the land
I hardly agree the description above because I believe that the real situation should be the other way round. “国家, 国家……有国才有家”,When there is harmony in the land there is peace in the home.

It's just like asking the question "Does egg exist before chicken?". What do you think? 

Saturday, August 07, 2010

My first Nuffnang Cheque

After being "actively" blogging for more than one and a half year, finally I received my 1st Nuffnang Cheque this week.

I always remind myself not to blog to earn and remain this blog as a personal diary, update about my personal life while sharing specials things that happened around me. Perhaps that's the reason why I earned so few through this blog because I won't purposely blog and I believe I don't have any reader who is interested in my blog.

But well, since now I am working full time already, it will be even more difficult for me to update my blog as frequent as before. Just treat all the money that I've earned from this blog as some little pocket money and hopefully I will be able to earn more before my next cash out. Thanks to my friends who always inspire me and motivate me to blog.

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Convocation

Today, 30/07/2010 is my convocation.
Today, I myself ended my school life after spending 4 years
in Singapore NTU, completing my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering.

Today, my parents completed their responsibilities by
supporting me financially, mentally for these 16 years of education.
Today, my sister took a flight in the afternoon
and able to reach on time for my big day.
Today, she looked busier than me, accompanied me all the way, standby and helped me to take photos and getting me all the things that I wanted.

Thank you to my family and the special her !! I LOVE YOU ALL !!
That's the end of my convocation and looking forward to my pay day !!
More photos coming up, off to sleep now and will be back to work tomorrow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Template

Changed my blog template for the 1st time.
Never really bother about my blog layout but I found this background quite suit me because of what I am doing now.

Been dealing with drawings, specs lately...
Rebars...Concrete...Schedule...Connection Details...
Columns...Beams...Facade...Gable end Wall....

Step by step and hopefully 1 day I can master all these...

Have a break, put aside all the drawings and have 烧卖 & 虾饺 !!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sakura International Buffet

Went for Sakura International Buffet last Sunday with her.
They are having this seafood fair so we decided to give it a try.

Unlimited supplies of Sashimi

Baked Oysters and Mussel

While I was busy eating, she was busy taking photos of me and herself...

Non-stop eating

Non-stop camwhoring

After 2 hours, when I can't continue eating anymore, I decided to learn the way she taking photos. As a result, we realized that both of us actually look alike !!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sleep before 12am,
Wake up at 6.30am ~ 6.45am,
Leave home at 7.15am in order to reach office by 8am.

Work for the whole day and try to leave office before 6.15pm
Play Street Fighter IV on my iPod once I am in MRT,
Reach home by 7.15pm

Watch few episodes of drama before going to bed by 12am.
That's how my life was from Monday to Saturday for the past 2 weeks and it will be like that for at least another half a year.

Understand more about the office culture and start to settle down with this kind of lifestyle.
Hopefully I can achieve what my father achieved 1 day...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

One Sunday Morning

Woke up 8.30am in the morning today and planned to have a walk with her around Chinese Garden.

The Main Entrance

Didn't plan to jog at all, so we spent most of our time taking photos.
My Perfect Match

On the top of the 7th storey pagoda

My Hero - Guan Yu

A very nice lotus in the pond

We walked for a few km and it's actually quite tiring...

Gotta sleep now and continue my lifeless routine for another 6 days..
Good Night !


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