Monday, August 16, 2010

Officially A Graduate

The last day for me being a student...
The first time I feel that I am a more important person, because parents came all the way to Singapore, sister took afternoon flight on that day and she took a day off from her part time to attend my convocation.

During my 4 years of studies, I was absent most of the time. So actually I don't have much feeling on this day. I know less than half of the people in my course and I believe less than quarter of them actually know about me. End up the whole day I sticked with my parents, took photos with them and whoever that I met.

Took pic before putting my gown
Like father Like son
Choon Cheah working as usher
Purposely gave Jocelyn a call once I reach there because I requested her to pin up the "igave" pin for me.

Pretty boss
Sis arrived just on time before I went into the convocation hall.

Boon Ming had his convocation 1 session earlier than me
The whole convocation last for 2 hours and finally I got my transcript !!

Graduated !!
Also received a special gift from her..with my name on it !!
Let's welcome BuBu ~~
And now I am officially a graduate !!

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  1. Congrats on your graduation! Maybe in another 4 years time, I'll be able to go through convocation and graduate from ntu just like you! Wish you all the best in your future endeavours!



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