Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello, it's not a scam !

It's my honor to be featured in the Alumni Giving after working in the phone room for 2 years.
This is the first time (probably the only time) I was featured in newsletter, this year together we achieved more than 70% of the participation rate, which is almost doubled the result of last year.

Friends told me that they saw me on the newsletter, some even introduced to their parents that I am their friend. Callers in the phone room paste the article on the notice board in phone room and start calling me the unsung hero.

Thanks for everyone in the phone room, the supervisors, the callers, the manager and the special "pretty young boss". Really miss those time that we spent together in phone room, calling up the alumnus and final year students, trying to get more pledges to help more students ...

"You must believe in the cause to be able to convince others to support it"

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