Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's the meaning of Merdeka to you?

 For the past 2 years, I have participated in directing 2 sketch performance for our MSA annual event - Merdeka Night. Really enjoying gathering with more than 30 friends, filming all those short clips, rehearsing for the performance and together we showed our cares and loves towards the country.

So fast 1 year has passed and now I am considered alumni for MSA already. After the last production for CNY this year, all of us have been very busy with our careers and accommodation matters. There is no time and opportunity for us to produce another production anymore. Let's just keep this as memories and I also hope that for those who were involved in these 2 years will remember it forever. =)

For the Merdeka this year, it's just another working day for me. Racism continues, lies and those funny jokes which will only happen in our country spread all over the world. I am still waiting for miracle, though most of the people already accepted that the chances are diminishing. Hopefully by the time I go back, everything will be fine, just like how it used to be 53 years ago.

Happy Birthday Malaysia.

Not to forget, our 相识纪念日 on the 29th Aug 2009. =)

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