Wednesday, October 28, 2009

vivalive supports Bak Kut Teh

During my internship period,
I was inspired by a friend of mine to blog more.
Being one of my close friend in university, we always chat in MSN during that time, sharing what we are going to blog.

In return, recently I have volunteered myself to help him to promote something...

They are not selling Bak Kut Teh,
They are not trying to promote the delicious food in Malaysia,
but They are one of the Malaysian team among the finalists that is qualified for "The Best Trip in the World Competition" by Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

That morning, we set up the booth and started to promote Bak Kut Teh to let the people know more about the team. To know more about their journey to Taiwan searching for the aboriginal melodies, you can read their online e-book @ or download @

I was so called the "Registration Counter Coordinator" of the day, monitoring all the laptops and guiding the supporters on how to vote for them. This video was also being played back for many many times....Proudly brought to you by Bak Kut Teh & Friends....

So for the people who is reading this ( I know it's very few),
please support them if you like it...register here and vote for them !

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hong Kong Trip 15th to 21st June 09 - Day 2

Almost forgot that I haven't finish my blog about my Hong Kong trip, perhaps I should let the photos to do the talking...

Had our typical breakfast Set A at the restaurant nearby.

Then, we started our tour around Hong Kong.
This is the building that appears in movie The Dark Knight, where Edison Chen appears less than 10seconds acting as a security guard.

Next, we took ferry to the another side of Hong Kong, somewhere near Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

We had 三宝饭(叉鸡鹅) - "three treasures rice" that consists of char siew, chicken and goose meats for our dinner.

Soon, we went to Madam Tussauds Was Museum and met all the "celebrities"...
Michelle Yeoh

Aaron Kwok is not that tall anyway...

Don't know what is this...

Twins !!!

After that we walked for 15 minutes to reach
the secret place for photo-taking...
This is the another side of Hong Kong


The next station will be Mong Kok, a place that sells A LOT OF sports shoes !!

Hm..surprisingly, Portland Street is very quiet that night....*disappointed

Well, after walking for so long and visit so many places, I can feel the pain on my legs and I soaked my legs into the bucket with warm waters once I got back to my room...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Asset

It's the 10th week of my new semester, and this is the first proper post of this sem, really lost motivation to blog after my internship. Never imagine that my final year in uni would be that busy, but in fact I am not busy about my studies nor my future...swt =.=

Continue working as a phonathon caller, and finally the school had an event to appreciate our effort (though we are being paid).

My pretty young boss, Jocelyn

Although spending more hours to work than the previous semesters, I didn't manage to save up any of my salary. T.T

Bought myself quite a lot of things, can declare bankruptcy already...

Cute Yoshi for myself, Cute Chipmunk for the special one...

Happy Birthday...

My SonicGear speaker spoilt after serving me for 3 years, and I replaced it with an Altec Lansing V4121 Black !!

After talking about the most important accessories for men with one of my close friend, we agreed that we should have a better watch, wallet and belt. And there money goes to the my new Renoma wallet (not to say very good quality), and my Titus watch, the second watch in my life after my Swatch that I bought it when I was only 15 has cracked .

Also, I participated in one the event organized by my friends and won myself a NIKE bag, the grand prize for the lucky draw event.

That's all of the updates so far for this semester, and this I am recently trying to take more pictures with 16:9 ratio so that it can be used as the wallpaper of my laptop.

My current wallpaper...

Friday, October 09, 2009

I Don't Want Cockles

This is the last piece of advertisement that I produced.
It's the same as the Petronas advertisement for this year's Chinese New Year, just that once again I edit it into student's version.

Specially dedicate this to the special one, I show this video clip to him until I was back in home last week. Hope the rest of you like it...


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