Saturday, May 29, 2010

26 Metro Bus

Went to KL for lunch and walk around Petaling Street with Joan few days ago. Although it took me 1 hour to reach, I still enjoyed riding buses and monorails. Just like back to the days when I was still in secondary school, have to take the familiar No.26 Metro Bus to leave Jinjang. The only difference is the increase of bus fare and I no longer eligible to enjoy student price...

Will be going back to Singapore soon and start another new phase of my life.
Good Luck to myself...I will be back !

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


New bed, new table,
"New" room mate after 1 year of single room.

Learning to sleep early and wake up early,
discipline life when I am no longer a student.
Checked out from Hall 8 but still go back NTU everyday for work.

Slower internet connection, but finally able to stream videos online.
No more canteen food, but further away from Ah Fang Chicken Rice.

Pioneer MRT is no longer the starting point of my journey,
and here I am....Lakeside !

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

No More Exam in My Life

4th May 2010 is the last day that I sit for exam, another step closer to my graduation before my FYP presentation. Hopefully there will be no exam papers in my life anymore because I dislike being graded by other people and I disagree the education system that emphasize a lot on results and left us no space for thinking and personal development. Feel relief after the collection of my last exam paper and did not go anywhere for celebration as well. Instead, I had lunch with her and started to plan for the things to be done in the future.

Collected our house key, signed up for cable TV, broadband and will be shifting in this coming Saturday. Time to say goodbye to Hall 8 after staying here for 4 years. Like this place because of its strategic location, the friendly cleaners and the caring aunties that always give me foods and drinks. The most important is that I met all of them here - The Tigers, the 41 Buddies.

Throughout these 4 years, I don't know what have I learnt from the university (perhaps don't know how to explain what have I learnt), which I believe most of the people will agree with me. Being absent for most of the lectures, I bet no professor will remember me including my FYP prof whom I only met him for less than 5 times. Somehow I will miss the times during primary/secondary school life when teachers still remember me when I go back.

Going into the society soon, have more commitment and responsibilities coming. There will be no excuse for being childish anymore and I need to be wise in financial planning and time management. But I know that there will always be someone who will support me, guide me whenever I have problem.

Thanks Dad, Mom

and the special one...


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