Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It Ends Tonight

Yesterday was the last day of my duty before
the phonathon room will be closed for study week & exam period.

3 months have passed but everything is still fresh in my mind.
I still remember the first day of working during this semester
when everyone of us get together again after the 1 month holiday.
My supervisor, Jocelyn suggested to take a group photo to be uploaded
into our NTU Phonathon Group in Facebook.

Most probably I won't be able to work during May
so it will be August until the next time I see most of my colleagues.

Hope to see all the "old faces" around campus
before we welcome the new faces next semester.
Good Luck in your exams and Good Bye to those who will be graduating!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


It's weekend but my colleague woke me up at 9.30am
just to ask some stupid questions!

Sigh...weekends are the only days that I can sleep late and wake up late nowadays.
How I wish I can sleep like him...


Friday, March 27, 2009

Cat Rescue

It's been raining cats and dogs lately,
and there was a cat which really "dropped" into my office.
Meowing sound can be heard for almost 2 days until all of us really beh tahan.

Two of my colleagues tried to find the source of the sound.
One thought that the cas was hiding on the roof top,
while another put his ears to the wall to listen to it better.

Then, they found it "inside" the wall!

Well, I am now having my IA in a temporary site office,
and all the walls are actually just simple partition walls.
So I think the cat fell into the gap
between the wall and the neighbouring container.

Next, they set up a "trap" by
making a knot on the rope which was then being inserted into the gap.
Another colleague lured the cat
to move towards the trap by knocking on the wall behind.

Within 10 minutes...


The kitten just ran away once we untied the knot...
Go go...back to mommy...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Join Nokia Competition to win a Brand New XM5800!

I had been using Nokia Handphones when I was in secondary school.
It was very proud to be a Nokia user during the days, even if you are using a 3210 or 3310 while some of your friends were still using those cha-pa-lang handphones like Alcatel, Sagem and Siemens.
During the 6 years time in secondary school, 
I have used almost all the best-selling models from Nokia,
including 3210, 3310, 8250...






I choose Nokia simply because Nokia is famous for it's durabilty.
(rumours say that you won't spoil your handphone by throwing it at the dog/thief)

The statement above is proven to be true
because I'm still using some of the phones now, believe it?

Nokia 1100, 6610, 6230, SE p990i

The Evolution of Handphones (From Left to Right)
1. Black And White Screen with monotone ringtones
2. Colour Screen with Polyphonic ringtones and Infrared
3. TFT Screen Display with VGA camera, mp3 ringtones and bluetooth
4. My current touch screen SE p990i with 2.0MP camera & Wi-fi function

No doubt I am a big fans of Nokia until the release of N & E-Series.
The feedbacks from my friends are bad and I bought my current SE p990i in the end just to try the feeling of using a touch-screen handphone.

Many years later, finally Nokia has its first ever touch screen handphone when nowadays everybody is talking about iPhone, Xperia X1, Samsung Omnia.

Honestly, I don't feel like buying it
because the design is not "class" enough for me.
But I don't mind using it if I can WIN it !

Just write a story using up to 8 song titles and think of a suitable title!
I submitted my entry - Love Confession yesterday !
Hope I am lucky enough to win it with just 1 entry !

For more info,
The closing date is on 5th what are you waiting for ?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NTU Rotaract Subcomm Appreciation Night

It's another Friday night,and I attended the
last event of the NTU Rotaract Club for this academic year.
Many of the juniors were shocked when they saw me,
they never thought that I am a Rotarian Rotaractor because
this is the 2nd event that I attended this year.

For your information, I am in the division of Professional Development
and my Master, Miss Jojo Thee is the director of our division.
The first event that I attended was the Hair Styling Workshop last year and I had a free hair cut that time.

Well, this time I promised Jojo that I will give face to her and attend the event because she told me that she is going to wear skirt for main comm photo-taking session. It's very rare for her to dress up like a girl as she always claims that she is very rude and wearing skirt is very troublesome.
(End up it's being cancelled...Whei Yeap! Why?)

Anyway, it's still an enjoyable night for me.
We made our sandwiches.

Had Bento Box for dinner...

and our division won the BEST DIVISION OF THE YEAR!

My Favourite Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Each of us also had our names
written on an envelope to be sticked on the windows
so that the Rotaractors can dedicate messages among each other.

Being such an inactive member with the poorest attendance,
I still managed to receive few dedications from the juniors.

Thanks Jojo for recruiting me and hope that 
my guidance and advice are useful to you.

Good Luck in your upcoming election!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009










Monday, March 16, 2009

Industrial Attachment : Part 2

This is the 10th week and I tutor didn't come and "visit" me. 
In fact, he sent an evaluation form to my supervisor. 
I think my supervisor graded me as "above average"! 

It's been raining lately and 
I can only stay in office doing some paper works. 
I no longer feel bored, 
because I got myself a 2nd-hand iPod Touch at $290!
This is the 1st present I bought for myself,
considered as a good deal because
it's being used for less than a month and it looked totally NEW !! 

2G iPod Touch 8Gb with my favourite wallpaper

and here are some updates on my site..

The Boom Lift

Erecting the steel column

Almost there...

and... DONE !

Then sometimes on my way back after I finished my work,
I will sit at the back of the lorry with the Bangladeshi workers,
talk to them despite most of our conversation is 18SX...
(they just like to talk about "piling" - "suka suti" in Bangla)

Cheap Labour?卖猪仔?

Time flies and 12 weeks left for my Industrial Attachment ...
To Be Continued...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking For Special/Personalised T-Shirt?

I was doing printing business
when I was in Senior Middle to earn my pocket money.
Thanks to my friend who gave me
the opportunity and assisted me a lot in this.

It's mainly about shirt-printing.
Customers can design their own t-shirts during special events.
For instance...students can design their own t-shirts for the class,

My Senior Middle 3 Class Tee 

Athletes can design their jerseys for competitions.

Being in this business for few years,
I have seen different designs from different people.
You will be amazed by the 
imagination and creativity of human beings,
and you will know that what kind of designs suit you the most.
Personally I prefer simple design with simple yet meaningful wordings.

How about you?Do we share the same interest?

Want to have
one of these?

For more info:


Write my blog address in your
enquiry/order form to enjoy 
Special Discount
on your purchase!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something Special & Motivating...

Half year after we performed our Melaka Merdeka sketch,
I never expect people to watch the trailer on YouTube anymore...
(except myself...*syok sendiri*)

One day, Pei Xin told me that his friend in UK
saw the trailer & would like to know more about our sketch.
Eventually, his friend sent me a message in YouTube.
She is a Malaysian studying in Belfast & would like to
perform a sketch during their Malaysians' Night !

She's kinda disappointed when I told her that
actually more than 20 people were involved in the sketch !
Seriously I am glad that my friends were willing
to sacrifice their time over the weekends to practice last time.

Thank You !!

So, in that case I recommended her to
record some short video clips which involved lesser people,
just like the advertisements that we did previously.

1st recommendation: ALL-TIME FAVOURITES 唔好做戏

2nd recommendation: Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil

3rd recommendation: 枇杷膏 Pei Pa Koa

Although end up she couldn't make it due to time constraint,
it's really something meaningful and motivating to me.
At least my name, vivalive was mentioned before
among Malaysian students in other country!

I hereby dedicate my thanks to The Tigers
and we are looking forward to our next production
on the upcoming Merdeka Night... We'll be back!

The Tigers

Monday, March 09, 2009

RHB-NTU Goal For Fund 2009

Last saturday, I made my debut in a
charity football competition organised by NTU Students' Fund
and sponsored by RHB, which was held in FICO Sports Hub,
titled "RHB-NTU GOAL FOR FUND 2009"!

It's weird for a racket player + kaki bangku
like me to participate in football competition.
Since my friends asked me to be the goalkeeper,
I think I have no reason to reject because
I can play football with my hands =.=

In addition, our team consists of
3 IA student, 2 smokers & 1 blur king...
So definitely we are not joining it for the $1000 cash prize!

The objective of this competition is to raise fund
and provide financial assistance to needy students
through awarding book grants and bursaries.

Since most of us are students and
charity does not necessarily revolve
around monetary contributions...
Perhaps, we can support them by participating
and entertain our opponents and the audience (if any)

Funny pose by SaiMun

Unprofessional Chin Chean on the field

The substitutes for the 1st match

We ended our competition by losing
all 3 matches in preliminaries, conceded 11 goals
with SaiMun scored the only goal for our team.

The Casino

Once again, this is another memorable
weekly entertainment for The Tigers & The Family,
and we proceed to our gambling session after dinner !


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