Monday, March 16, 2009

Industrial Attachment : Part 2

This is the 10th week and I tutor didn't come and "visit" me. 
In fact, he sent an evaluation form to my supervisor. 
I think my supervisor graded me as "above average"! 

It's been raining lately and 
I can only stay in office doing some paper works. 
I no longer feel bored, 
because I got myself a 2nd-hand iPod Touch at $290!
This is the 1st present I bought for myself,
considered as a good deal because
it's being used for less than a month and it looked totally NEW !! 

2G iPod Touch 8Gb with my favourite wallpaper

and here are some updates on my site..

The Boom Lift

Erecting the steel column

Almost there...

and... DONE !

Then sometimes on my way back after I finished my work,
I will sit at the back of the lorry with the Bangladeshi workers,
talk to them despite most of our conversation is 18SX...
(they just like to talk about "piling" - "suka suti" in Bangla)

Cheap Labour?卖猪仔?

Time flies and 12 weeks left for my Industrial Attachment ...
To Be Continued...

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