Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NTU Rotaract Subcomm Appreciation Night

It's another Friday night,and I attended the
last event of the NTU Rotaract Club for this academic year.
Many of the juniors were shocked when they saw me,
they never thought that I am a Rotarian Rotaractor because
this is the 2nd event that I attended this year.

For your information, I am in the division of Professional Development
and my Master, Miss Jojo Thee is the director of our division.
The first event that I attended was the Hair Styling Workshop last year and I had a free hair cut that time.

Well, this time I promised Jojo that I will give face to her and attend the event because she told me that she is going to wear skirt for main comm photo-taking session. It's very rare for her to dress up like a girl as she always claims that she is very rude and wearing skirt is very troublesome.
(End up it's being cancelled...Whei Yeap! Why?)

Anyway, it's still an enjoyable night for me.
We made our sandwiches.

Had Bento Box for dinner...

and our division won the BEST DIVISION OF THE YEAR!

My Favourite Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Each of us also had our names
written on an envelope to be sticked on the windows
so that the Rotaractors can dedicate messages among each other.

Being such an inactive member with the poorest attendance,
I still managed to receive few dedications from the juniors.

Thanks Jojo for recruiting me and hope that 
my guidance and advice are useful to you.

Good Luck in your upcoming election!

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