Monday, March 09, 2009

RHB-NTU Goal For Fund 2009

Last saturday, I made my debut in a
charity football competition organised by NTU Students' Fund
and sponsored by RHB, which was held in FICO Sports Hub,
titled "RHB-NTU GOAL FOR FUND 2009"!

It's weird for a racket player + kaki bangku
like me to participate in football competition.
Since my friends asked me to be the goalkeeper,
I think I have no reason to reject because
I can play football with my hands =.=

In addition, our team consists of
3 IA student, 2 smokers & 1 blur king...
So definitely we are not joining it for the $1000 cash prize!

The objective of this competition is to raise fund
and provide financial assistance to needy students
through awarding book grants and bursaries.

Since most of us are students and
charity does not necessarily revolve
around monetary contributions...
Perhaps, we can support them by participating
and entertain our opponents and the audience (if any)

Funny pose by SaiMun

Unprofessional Chin Chean on the field

The substitutes for the 1st match

We ended our competition by losing
all 3 matches in preliminaries, conceded 11 goals
with SaiMun scored the only goal for our team.

The Casino

Once again, this is another memorable
weekly entertainment for The Tigers & The Family,
and we proceed to our gambling session after dinner !

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