Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something Special & Motivating...

Half year after we performed our Melaka Merdeka sketch,
I never expect people to watch the trailer on YouTube anymore...
(except myself...*syok sendiri*)

One day, Pei Xin told me that his friend in UK
saw the trailer & would like to know more about our sketch.
Eventually, his friend sent me a message in YouTube.
She is a Malaysian studying in Belfast & would like to
perform a sketch during their Malaysians' Night !

She's kinda disappointed when I told her that
actually more than 20 people were involved in the sketch !
Seriously I am glad that my friends were willing
to sacrifice their time over the weekends to practice last time.

Thank You !!

So, in that case I recommended her to
record some short video clips which involved lesser people,
just like the advertisements that we did previously.

1st recommendation: ALL-TIME FAVOURITES 唔好做戏

2nd recommendation: Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil

3rd recommendation: 枇杷膏 Pei Pa Koa

Although end up she couldn't make it due to time constraint,
it's really something meaningful and motivating to me.
At least my name, vivalive was mentioned before
among Malaysian students in other country!

I hereby dedicate my thanks to The Tigers
and we are looking forward to our next production
on the upcoming Merdeka Night... We'll be back!

The Tigers

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