Friday, July 30, 2010

My Convocation

Today, 30/07/2010 is my convocation.
Today, I myself ended my school life after spending 4 years
in Singapore NTU, completing my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering.

Today, my parents completed their responsibilities by
supporting me financially, mentally for these 16 years of education.
Today, my sister took a flight in the afternoon
and able to reach on time for my big day.
Today, she looked busier than me, accompanied me all the way, standby and helped me to take photos and getting me all the things that I wanted.

Thank you to my family and the special her !! I LOVE YOU ALL !!
That's the end of my convocation and looking forward to my pay day !!
More photos coming up, off to sleep now and will be back to work tomorrow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Template

Changed my blog template for the 1st time.
Never really bother about my blog layout but I found this background quite suit me because of what I am doing now.

Been dealing with drawings, specs lately...
Rebars...Concrete...Schedule...Connection Details...
Columns...Beams...Facade...Gable end Wall....

Step by step and hopefully 1 day I can master all these...

Have a break, put aside all the drawings and have 烧卖 & 虾饺 !!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sakura International Buffet

Went for Sakura International Buffet last Sunday with her.
They are having this seafood fair so we decided to give it a try.

Unlimited supplies of Sashimi

Baked Oysters and Mussel

While I was busy eating, she was busy taking photos of me and herself...

Non-stop eating

Non-stop camwhoring

After 2 hours, when I can't continue eating anymore, I decided to learn the way she taking photos. As a result, we realized that both of us actually look alike !!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sleep before 12am,
Wake up at 6.30am ~ 6.45am,
Leave home at 7.15am in order to reach office by 8am.

Work for the whole day and try to leave office before 6.15pm
Play Street Fighter IV on my iPod once I am in MRT,
Reach home by 7.15pm

Watch few episodes of drama before going to bed by 12am.
That's how my life was from Monday to Saturday for the past 2 weeks and it will be like that for at least another half a year.

Understand more about the office culture and start to settle down with this kind of lifestyle.
Hopefully I can achieve what my father achieved 1 day...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

One Sunday Morning

Woke up 8.30am in the morning today and planned to have a walk with her around Chinese Garden.

The Main Entrance

Didn't plan to jog at all, so we spent most of our time taking photos.
My Perfect Match

On the top of the 7th storey pagoda

My Hero - Guan Yu

A very nice lotus in the pond

We walked for a few km and it's actually quite tiring...

Gotta sleep now and continue my lifeless routine for another 6 days..
Good Night !


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