Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sleep before 12am,
Wake up at 6.30am ~ 6.45am,
Leave home at 7.15am in order to reach office by 8am.

Work for the whole day and try to leave office before 6.15pm
Play Street Fighter IV on my iPod once I am in MRT,
Reach home by 7.15pm

Watch few episodes of drama before going to bed by 12am.
That's how my life was from Monday to Saturday for the past 2 weeks and it will be like that for at least another half a year.

Understand more about the office culture and start to settle down with this kind of lifestyle.
Hopefully I can achieve what my father achieved 1 day...


  1. saving!
    Such a supporter of mine....
    Good boy!!!! hehehe

  2. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Hey, have been following your blog with google reader so no reply always. sorry ya..

    No problem geh~ Kiat gor sure dim lar

    I am coming back in two weeks time. Maybe find you yum cha =) you belanja ok? haha. I no work mar, haven't graduate also.

  3. [yuansen]no worries, I also never reply you when i read urs..

    haha..can look for me at night lo..since i m working 6 full days..



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