Tuesday, February 03, 2009

10 years has passed...

It's been 10 years since I graduated from primary school
- S.J.K. (c) Jinjang Utara
Since then, we will gather once in a while;
and this year, we had a special one...
We visited our form teacher - Teacher Seah during CNY !!

Having 20 people gathered this time,
I considered this as the most successful gathering ever!
And I'm sure that it will be another memorable day for me
before I go back to Singapore.

I am the only one who is studying oversea among them,
so teacher will concern more about my studies
and my life over there.

Being a "legend" during my young times,
it's sad to tell my teacher that
I am the real example of this chinese proverb
(Being good during the young times doesn't guarantee you anything in the future)

I can't really remember how was I during primary 6,
but they described me as talkative and hyperactive =.=

Being a joker for hours,finally during the photo-taking session...
this is my reward !!

Given a chance to sit at the first row together with our teacher and the ex-class monitors!

Up next,a photo with every one of them...

“女大十八变” as described by Teacher




This is what we normally do last time!

“男大十八不变” which most of the guys think that we didn't change much !!

Choon Yih

Yeong Jey

Jeng Pong

And the main character of the day...

According to my record book, I was 144cm & 33kg 10 years ago !!

Finally,a hug with teacher before we left,
and another special greeting which we used to say it everyday 10 years ago,
led by Choon Yih, our class monitor:
“起立……行礼……” (Class Stand...Bow...)
“谢谢 谢老师……” ( Thank you Teacher Seah ! )


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    hey dude ... memorable primary school ... haha ... my primary school dudes all gone liao ... haha .. not close with me ... haha

  2. haha..sure boh?i saw ur fb also got gathering ma..
    those are not primary sch gang ?



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