Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Smile Always

Got a forwarded e-mail from my dad one day
about ways to keep yourself happy and smile always!
Among the 40 ways, this is the one that caught my attention :

I am always the noisiest and the most talkative among my friends,
and some says the weirdest and the one who don't care about image at all,
even when I am having my meal.

Recently, everyone is busy preparing exams 
so I have more time doing my own things after my IA 
since phone room had closed for exam period as well.

I spent time sorting my old photos 
and realized that I am really a weirdo.

6 years ago...

The Young Me

5 years ago...

Painting Classroom

Class Trip @ Pangkor

4 years ago...

Genting - Ripley's Believe It Or Not

3 years ago...

I didn't study much, don't bully me

Resting at bus stop 

2 years ago...

Stress in NTU..wishing for GPA 5.0
during CNY Celebration

Playing with Power Ranger's Costume

Yellow Ranger with blue gloves plays Dota

Last year...

"Giving speech" during
 Opening Ceremony of Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre

Posing in Mid Valley

And NOW...

Big boobs vivalive

What fish is this??

Don't care la...just eat it...

People might find it irritating when I do all these, 
but I am just being myself, trying to entertain the people around me.
Remember the famous quotes of Joker from "The Dark Knight"?

Why So Serious? Let's put a smile on that face !

My Laptop's Wallpaper since last August

Good Luck to those who will be sitting for final exams soon.
Don't stress & smile always...

~Smile is the best medicine for the heart~


  1. well said :) laughter is often the best medicine to relieve stress. i pong you in agreement at ;)

  2. wah sai.. where u foudn the power rangers costume... really gek leh...

  3. last time my fren work as "part time" power ranger!



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