Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are You A Manchester United Fan?

As usual, I went Nanyang Mart after my dinner at Canteen 2 last Friday.
After the special socks and candies that I found last time, this is what that caught my attention this time...

Manchester Official Collection

Wow, our Nanyang Mart is selling Machester United's Official Merchandise !!
So here is a quiz for all the Manchester United fans :

Who is this Manchester United Player?

Man Utd Key Chain

I tried my best but I just couldn't get the answer, but at least I'm sure that this player is not in the current team. Perhaps he is one of the legends of Manchester United like Bobby Charlton or Eric Cantona wearing this year's Home Jersey?

To find out the answer, I just simply flipped the key chain to the back to look for the name and the number of the player.

The answer is........................

Cristiano Ronaldo!!

I was laughing and shouting WTF??!! when I saw the answer.
Anyway, the price is just SGD$2.30, how ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL can this key chain be?

1 comment:

  1. it nice to hear that MU Businees is at good track.



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