Saturday, April 11, 2009

猪肉丸粉 Pork Ball Noodle @ PJ State

This is my 100th post and I would like to take this opportunity to
introduce my Mom's noodle stall near PJ state.
This will be my first (and maybe the 1 and only1) food review post! 

Not so long ago, my parent decided to take over a noodles shop in PJ State 
in view of my dad's retirement, and will soon become unemployed.
The stall is at a corner coffee shop called Fook Yun Kopitiam (福运茶餐室), situated at a row of shop/office sandwiched between Menara MBPJ and the multi-storey carpark, where the weekly Sunday Car Sales was held, in PJ State.

It is learned that the first Pork Ball Noodle stall was started by a man from Canton, China at the former Foch Avenue 指天街 ( now Jalan Silang) after the 2nd World War.

At that moment, the shop was situated at a road junction 
annexed to two other shoplots, regular customers had thus named it as "San Gan Zhong", which literally translated as "three adjacent shops ".
The pork ball is unique in its taste & texture 
and has become very popular in KL & PJ, 
Hence the famous "Sam Gan Zhong" Pork Ball Noodle 

Thereafter, the art of pork ball making mushroomed and 
was well established in Jinjang, the place where I grow up.
This is different from the Pork Noodle (猪肉粉),
another kind of noodle which contains pig intestines, liver & etc.
This stall has been visited by KY, a well known food blogger in his Blog, KYspeaks .com, couples of months back, and he has given his thumps-up for the noodles.
The main ingredients of this noodle are :

Pork Balls & Siew cheong, ( Minced meat stuffed into the intestine)

Customers can order for any four variety of noodles, ie:
Mee, Mee Hoon, Kuey Teow and Lou Shu Fun and / or the mixture of any 2 of them, to be served in dried or soup.

Marinated Meat with noodles

And this is what I will eat EVERYTIME...
My Breakfast before going back to Singapore

Do visit our stall from 6.30am till lunch time daily.

I believe most food hunters will prefer eating nice food 
at hawker stall to those franchise restaurants.

My mom will be happy if you tell her that
you come to know about our stall from the internet,
and sometimes you may see my look-alike dad helping out during weekends too!


  1. far.. f not I will bring my dad to try cox my dad always complains nowadays hard to find tasty pork noodles...

  2. a good gal..bring ur dad go n support my family ma!

  3. I want to eat! can packed back for me?

  4. Woo... Woo... I am hungry now. Still 2 hours away from my dinner. ^_^"

  5. Joce: It's not available in sg!

    Jayce:Go visit it in the morning !!



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