Saturday, May 27, 2006


feel lazy to type i m going to write this blog in english n having my eyes close to have some rest.Broken english?so what?nobody will read my blog..

haha...long time din have voice conversation with hang edi...yesterday i was dota-ing while having the conversation with him..kanasai..lag like hell..
sigh...he is having more n more prob with Gin..and i dunno how to help him at all.For me,gin this type of girl totally doesn't suit me,so do v r bro ma..same attitude of cz..
haih..but 宁教人打仔,莫教人分妻 ..
diu..dunno how to translate into english la....

And i m stil struggling wit my previous prob...sigh...jz the 3 simple as man~i think i will write a letter to her b4 i go..motive?no!watever i do is jz rubbish for her...she never knows n even i also cant explain how much does she means to me....Hang agreed with me, and i will do it without asking for any rewards..

Dad asked me about me n her tat day..wat to tell him?holy shit..all those sad memories n the nightmares i had within these few weeks..after that my dad scolded me..
guess he was correct too~

It had been a long time since i smile so happily like i am today..thanks hang for introducing me such funny site.
Feel free to go

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