Saturday, May 27, 2006


nowadays...WC is important for me.. cup
2nd.war craft
3rd.washing closet

god ar..10th of june faster reach la...
everyday dota i buey tahan la..
o2jam v3 normal cannot learn til perfect la....
and the sux Ran online server got problem la...

haih....arsenal lost...but luckily henry stay
jibai chelsea...use money build army only..du 9 lan
dunno y all those so called PRO players will go chelsea n sit bench..
ballack is 1 of the best example..mahai...go MU sure can kick..wat for go chelsea rebut place with essien la..

now somemore shevchenko wan go chelsea...sien la...those all i like de stars all go there..force me to hate them nia...
4 years ago..i told myself this coming WC i sure will b bookie,gamble n win alot~ work,no money..where can gamble?
gambling kaki all gone..earn wat la...

haha...cant imagine i will like football...thanks for kenny 1st betting match in football..
LEEDS vs NEWCASTLE..haha..3-4..the 1st RM5 tat i won..since tat day..i became newcastle's fan..
but now..shearer's gone..bellamy went OHM to watch newcastle liao...

hm...kenny...2 years no go 拜 u edi..haha..dunno how to say in english...visit?don think so..
i dunno nilai de road well la...find 1 day i sure will go on qing ming de..though my mom owez pantang n disagree i go...

R.I.P fren..

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