Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lonely Night~

Haih...I still remember that when i was studying,i like weekends...but seems no different to me..everyday is the same..i prefer weekdays to weekends,at least i can watch drama series during weekdays...
wtf la..Astro 1 month rm85 leh..nothing to watch on saturday night..waste money nia~

At last,haih...bs3 is the 1st time i used lion since i played v6..haha..still so pro..14-3,1 whicked sick,1 mega kill..
Hm...more than 2 months no go cafe pocket money...

Wat a lonely night...nobody on9 in msn,nobody play bs3..parents not at home..sis all last..this blog was written during this boring
at least i din go frenster n simply view ppl's profile la..
haha..paiseh about my frenster profile new photos to upload,still using last year's graduation trip wonder nobody view my profile...zz

POSEIDON!DVC!MI3!haha..all no chance to watch..nobody watch me with me..smore no $$

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