Sunday, January 25, 2009


Now let me show you what is the real meaning of
发新年财 (gaining wealth during chinese new year)!!
It's not showing off ,just sharing my happiness here !

On the last day of rat year,10am in the morning..
my mom shook me and woke me up..
"kena 1st prize le..",she was laughing!

My dad traded our Waja and got a new Nissan Sylphy last december,
he is clever enough when choosing the car plate number...

So that you don't need to spend double of your money
buying different car plate numbers.
It saves a lot especially when you want to "包字"
(buying all the permutations formed by these 4 numbers)

This year i have the biggest angpau i've ever had !!
Happy Ox Year Everyone !!

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