Sunday, January 11, 2009


I ended my 2008 with a victory of DOTA in FTZ AsiaCafe...
This is what I actually shouted in cc with Hang,Dan and Soon..

Then I started my 2009 with a Tall Java Chips in Starbucks SS15 with someone special!

Follow next,is an injury on 3rd of Jan...

That's just like a natural nail polish on my toe -.-
What a good new year present for me

Having IA (Industrial Attachment) for this sem,
I'm sorry to tell when someone asked me about my priority this year,
the answer is Work + Save $$ .
I'm quite satisfy with my IA company so far,
given my own desktop on the 1st day,
provided transportation back to hall almost every day,
i.e. daily transportation fee = $1 !!

Working 6days per week,I barely have my own time.
But still,there's something special happened through the weekend.

Pity Lee Hong..Happy Birthday Anyway !!

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