Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hong Kong Trip 15th to 21st June 09 - Day 3

Visited Ocean Park on the 3rd day of our trip. Had the chance to experience the living environment of a panda, it was damn cold inside ~

We spent half day there but I didn't play all the rides ! Haha, how coward I am...

Went Chung Kee Dessert after our dinner, and I conclude that the desserts in Hong Kong are not cold at all.

After that, we headed down to Temple Street.

I went for tarot to ask about my love...and apparently, it's very accurate because the master's prediction has already comes true !


  1. The last picture so sweet..
    I wanna go HK too..>.<

  2. [jean] haha..yea,HK is very nice, i wish to revisit again too. U can have take such a pic like the last pic also ma..

  3. How much they charge for the tarot session? I saw there is 1 stall got alot people Q up sitting beside the road...

  4. Each category costs HKD60, and HKD300 to ask for all. I didn't go to the crowded one, because didn't intend to ask initially, just simply choose one and go..but still it's very accurate!



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