Friday, November 20, 2009

During exam period...

When exam is around the corner, students start to feel kiasu.
Many "NEW" faces can be seen during the last lecture of each subject,
"HARDWORKING" students start to make reservation in study rooms and treat it like they own the cubical.

While everyone is busy with their lecture notes and tutorials, I am busy watching this...

Slam Dunk !!

This is the 3rd time I am watching it and it's still very nice !
In my opinion, I still think that the anime back in my time are much more better than the anime nowadays (e.g. Naruto and Bleach).

Few weeks ago, I also managed to find the emulator of SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and started to play the Slam Dunk game that I did not manage to finish it when I was in Primary 5.

Not sure how many of you have actually played this before, or some of you don't even know that there is video game for Slam Dunk. It's not similar to those basketball games like NBA because the characters are very cute ...

But once you make a movement, the screen will zoom in...

I managed to finish the Story Mode within few days by defeating Ryonan High School at the final stage ! It's really a nice game and I strongly recommend this to all the Slam Dunk fans out there.

Have you ever reminisce about your childhood ? Well I really miss those days when you go school without feeling any pressure, playing around in class room during recess times, watch TV and play video games once you are back home...

Is it because I am afraid of stepping into the working society?
Or perhaps I am really getting older...


  1. I used to like Akagi.

  2. Understand that. I used to watch anime and Hong Kong drama too when I'm stress.

  3. Slam Dunk is always nice no matter when you watch it! After my finals, i think i'll be checking out GTO :P :P

  4. haha.. that type of game is like so long ago =P

  5. [Jerine] I prefer Sakuragi !!

    [Jessen] Yea...but i am very outdated now,still watching D.I.E again ..

    [Mabel]haha..nice 1, i might start watching Dragon Ball after i finish this....

    [Kenwooi] Sure, that time I was just 11 yrs old leh,now doubled the age dy.



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