Friday, May 01, 2009

Spending Spree on Adidas

I always wanted to save more money because I am planning to travel somewhere after my IA. I thought I am one step nearer to realize my dream after getting my salary for March.

But bad things happened when you have extra money...
Both my "Adidas" shoes and bag were spoilt after using them for 2 years!
End up I spent my weekend shopping in Jurong Point looking for replacement...

I don't consider myself as an Adidas fan but I definitely prefer the simplicity of its design.
But why are they selling so expensive with just 3 lines and 6 alphabets ??!!

From RM30 - Berjaya Times Square KL to SGD$38.50 - Adidas Jurong Point

From RM50 - Petaling Street to SGD$97.75 - Sportslink Jurong Point

It looks no difference to me but I can feel the pain in my wallet!
Hopefully they can serve me longer since they are GENUINE ADIDAS...

Good Made in Malaysia "Adidas"...


  1. why didn't you get some adidas hoodie jumper? can get that jon davis look!

  2. I will consider about it after I got my salary for this month ^^

  3. whoa~ another Adidas Fans here eh!! well..i m half half of it la..

  4. huhu so long no update ah?

  5. May be i will buy addidas shoes.



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