Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lunar Asian Fusion Bar @ Clarke Quay

Went to a bar at Clarke Quay with The Tigers & Vway Hau last Saturday.
The name of the bar is Lunar “月”, pronouced as “yue” in mandarin, 
and the KTV Lounge on the second floor “樂”, which literally means "music", also pronouced as “yue”.

It's an Oriental Style Bar as you can see fishes, chinese tanglungs hanging on the ceiling and also chinese masks on the wall.

Failed to learn the expression of the mask

There is no cover charge before 9.30pm 
and you will get free french fries for every jar of Carlsberg at only $30.

Chin Chean, Siew Hong and vivalive

There was band performing around 10pm,singing classic hits by
Elva Hsiu 萧亚轩 《最熟悉的陌生人》 and Sandy Lim 林忆莲《伤痕》.

Don't expect too much from the band because 
they failed to sing our song dedication - Zhao Chuan赵传《爱要怎么说出口》.

Next, here comes the main attraction of this bar and 
the reason why we were there!!

During late night, there was dance performance by their own 
Lunar Coyote Dolls, and we were also lucky to catch another team of dancers from Taiwan in action!

If you are lucky enough to grab a seat near the stage,
then you can enjoy the pole dancing in front of you.

So do you think that the dancer will look like 
the Coyote from the Road Runner?

It should be something like this...

Well, Yeah...

I got to talk to one of the dancer from Taiwan and took a photo with her.

Her name is Baby, nice huh?

So for those who interested, you can visit their official website at .


  1. Anonymous1:11 AM

    awesome wei! =D

  2. I love that cute Baby

  3. Lol.. baby.. what a name..XD
    maybe her name is Baby only for you?

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