Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010 !!

When people is not expecting anything from me,
I am always expecting something from myself.

Once again, I volunteered myself to produce something for the upcoming MSA event, which is the Chinese New Year celebration dinner.
In addition, as we called ourselves 'The Tigers" when all of us came to NTU 4 years ago, I think that we should produce something during the Year of Tiger.

Since most of the seniors are busy with their IA and FYPs, I managed to find some seniors from Year 2 and finally combined with Boon Ming's Supper Gang to produce this video. This time we are doing Chinese New Year MV and I have been editing this video for the past two weeks as my last production before I left NTU.

For those who doesn't know me, they won't believe that I am actually taking Civil Engineering course. And if you ask me why am I doing so many things for MSA, I would say that this is also a way of showing appreciation towards MSA. Without MSA, I might be just a foreign student in NTU without any friends. Moreover, 6 of us won't meet each other, syok sendiri and called ourselves "The Tigers".

After producing the first sketch 2 years ago, I really enjoy the feeling of directing sketch as well as being videographer and editor, especially when all of them had fun during the performance and satisfied with the outcome.

Thanks to all the seniors who were involved in this production, I hope you all enjoyed that afternoon and happy with the response that you all received during that event.

For me, I didn't look at the respond from the audience. I sat on the first row, clapping, singing myself and felt happy that my production was being shown on a projector to everyone. Perhaps I am giving myself too much pressure by hoping that I can produce something even better than what I have done during Merdeka Night.

But no matter how, still very grateful that my friends are so supportive and helped out throughout the whole process. Thanks !!

Hope all of you will like it ! Happy Chinese New Year ! 恭喜发财, 虎年行大运 !


  1. Goood work Lao Jiao!!! I really enjoyed the video!

    Its all good memories!

  2. nice video! happy cny!!!!

    nanged u. nang this to watch my BALLs playing piano! Great show!

  3. omg! this is an award winning video clip..
    i like it very much..
    gong xi fa chai!~~

  4. Gong Xi Fa Cai & Huat ar !

  5. Thanks everyone, wish you all Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day !

  6. nice blog! Happy CNY!
    i will follow youu.. ;-)

    sy nk kongsi rahsia bagaimana sy boleh tingkatkan follower dan trafik ke blog sy dlm masa yg singkat dengan bantuan SISTEM BLOG AUTO FOLLOW YANG HEBAT!!



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