Monday, June 14, 2010


Went for interview in big company for the first time and it turned out badly.Being an oversea student and soon to be graduate here, my nationality and results are facts that cannot be changed. I have no excuse for my bad results but you made me feel like it's my fault for being patriotic to the country that I was born.

Being misunderstood from the beginning, I have no mood to carry on the interview. I didn't negotiate and argue because I respect you as the company's representatives. I thought interview is supposed to be a platform whereby both parties find out more about each other.

In my opinion, the way you asked questions were too insulting. There's no point asking a question when you already have the answer in your mind. As a fresh graduate, I wish to expose more and have more learning opportunities. You said you feel that I am unwilling to learn the basics and start from the bottom level.

In the end, I am speechless and tired of defending myself. Perhaps I don't suit to work in big company at all.

Tomorrow will be a better day, good luck and don't give up !
vivalive 再出发……


  1. hmm.. i dont know what they asked you but i had a bad interview before as well, also because im a malaysian studying in singapore.


  2. **foot print**
    Don't be too upset..! I think that representative never heard of this "Don't judge the book by its cover"
    Nanged and clicked on ur adv..!!
    Do visit mine as well..
    Cya... Cheers!!

  3. Some HR personnel really made us have bad impression to the company because of their poor interviewing skills

  4. Support support!!! as ur friend, u know we are always be by ur side.. no matter how ppl look down on u, u know u sure can stand strong and proud in front of us...
    jia you!!!



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