Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am born in the 1980s...How about you ?

I did not play Street Fighter 4 on XBOX 360, but I play this...

I did not play the New Super Mario Brothers on Wii, but I play this...

For those who are born in the 1980s, do you still remember this?

Or maybe this?

Used to play all these games when I was young. Recently, I downloaded all these games and have been playing everyday. Although it's relatively easier for me to complete now, it's still very enjoyable.

Just to share some of the popular games. You can download if you are interested.

1) Super Mario Brothers
2) Contra
3) Super Street Fighter II : The New Challengers
4) Spartan
5) Adventure Island

More classic arcade and cracked pc games can be found on


  1. You forgot Bomber Man...and Pacman... and Street Fighter.... And Combat...

  2. [Jerine] I never forget..i also downloaded from the website dy~

  3. hahahahaha!! Yahh those games!

  4. The days of Micro Genius....wonderful....

  5. Though i'm not from that time, but i also know some of those games. Miss them much... miss the moments when they brought SO MUCH frustration cause i couldn't win. XD

  6. Oh my God, just stumbled upon your blog but YES YES we are kids of the 80's. Don't forget the circus game and the ice sculpting game or the balloon popping one. I still play them till today. :)

  7. [Mabel]'s very difficult for us to complete those games when we were young !!

    [raZZbeRRy] yea..the circus,ice climbing and balloon fight !! i also downloaded them from the site ~



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