Monday, December 04, 2006

How To Speak Like A Singaporean

We all know that there is a modern language ,which is spoken by Singaporeans...and that is Singlish.

If you are interested in learning Singlish, click here .

But beside that, there is another modern language that I've learned from my friends within these 4 months in Singapore.Perhaps we should call this language "Singnese".

Here is an example :

Female A is talking about her boy friend with her best friends, Female B

Proper Chinese Version

Female A:其实我打算跟他分手……

Female B:为什么呢?

Female A:因为我发觉他不爱我了……

Female B:是吗?可是我觉得他对你不错哦。

Female A:还好啦,其实只是想想而已,而且很想看看他紧张时的表情……哈哈

Female B:哇,你很坏啊, 他知道后一定会很伤心的。

Signese Version

Female A:Actually我打算跟他分手……

Female B:为什么呢?Why har?

Female A:Because我feel that他不爱我了……

Female B:Ya meh?But我觉得他对你not bad lor。

Female A:还好啦,Actually只是想想而已,Somemore很想看看他gan jiong时的表情……哈哈

Female B:哇,你很bad leh, 他知道后一定会很sad的 lor。

After reading this example, hope that you can understand the trick to speak Singnese. It's just using English to say the conjunctions and the adjectives whenever you want to.

Happy Learning ^^


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