Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kusu Island

Yesterday was the 15th day of this month in Lunar Calendar( which is 初十五), and I went to Kusu Island with my parents and relatives. Kusu Island means "Tortoise Island" (龟屿) and it's "famous" because there is a lot of tortoises and turtles on this island, and there is also a temple which most of the people come here to 拜拜 during the whole ninth-month in Lunar Calender(in Chinese we called it 九皇爷).

It took about 15minutes ferry trip from Marina South to there, and that was the first time my dad and I willing to go to such a crowded place during peak season.

Soon, we reached there and were heading to that temple.Beside the temple, there is a stall which is selling "treasures"(宝) and a bunch of joss-sticks at $2/set. Chinese believes that the gods in heaven can receive the treasure after we burnt it. Since I am quite superstitious, I gave my mom $10 to buy 5sets of it. @@ comes the problem, where should I burn the things?
Then, i noticed this....

There were 4 workers standing beside the fireplace and with a metal box on the table.

They will help us to burn the things, and everytime before they did it, one of them will knock on the metal box, telling you that you need to donate according to your willingness so that the temple is always being lighten up with joss-sticks and oil lamps(添香油). WTH, we have already paid $2 for the set of "treasures" and that's more than enough. Sorry, i am not insulting the gods in the heaven, but who knows that whether the money that we donated is used to buy joss-sticks and oil lamps, OR it is paid to them as salary for helping us to burn those things?

Soon, as we were leaving the island, then i saw this statue...

This statue probably is the symbol of this island, but don't you think that the head and the legs are a bit long until it looks like a giant lizard with a tortoise shell on it?Or is there a difference between eastern-species-turtles and western-species-turtles??

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  1. Hahaha, great work for the dialogue in photo "no coin"! Hehe, maybe you can be a full time engineer and part time comic columnist.



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